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Who else offers more personalised road trips throughout all of Europe? I prove I do. You will have the most special and memorable holidays ever in full comfort and maximum freedom. Having your friends, your stuff and all your apartment with you and being able to drive and sleep wherever you fancy is limitless freedom and will create your most memorable holidays.

Kazoo Campers is my start-up business. I have designed and realised the vans for you. I am happy to host you and to give you tips for visiting Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Europe. To underline this personal take of your trip, I am during a short period giving everybody who rents a van for more than a full week the most personal gift: would you like either a free France made Opinel pocket knife or a military fire lighter with your name engraved along with a unique van and personal directions for your trip?


free gift zippo lighter

Engraved Zippo lighter

free gift opinel pocket knife

Engraved Opinel pocket knife

Book a van and claim your personal gift.


Each of the vans has some special features. Where else do you have a skylight to gaze the stars from your bed? Or who else offers a wood stove in a vehicle?

All the vans are well maintained vehicles with fully equipped kitchens, good beds and bedding and room to sit and relax. You can live in one with friends and family and drive it like a normal car. Your driving license for cars, also a foreign license, is perfectly acceptable. Moreover, insurance covers everything: liability, damage, road assistance and eventually a replacing motorhome.

Most customers have rated us 5 stars. Others gave valuable feedback with which the vans have been improved.



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