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Van Lars isn’t polished. I have designed it to create a place where I can confidently bring my lady. And make her stay. And take her with me. And have the kids.

It is the perfect option for both city visits or extensive road trips, because Lars drives like a personal car and has a complete apartment inside. All you need is there. You can go to camp sites or enjoy the freedom of wild camping.

Singles and couples have returned enthusiastically, just like families and groups, as Lars drives up to 8 people. The queen sized bed and both upper beds can sleep up to five people. My dearest enjoyed me romantically cooking on the wood stove and for faster meals I have added gas hobs. The dining table can have a full party and I have made the kitchen seriously big. Lined with a pack of wool the camper withstands cold and heat, so Lars is for your mountain tops, winter trips as well as Mediterranean summers. And however nice it’s inside: for outside living camping chairs, an outside stove and the awning complete your freedom.

Equipped with everything one needs, like bedding and kitchenware, you only need to bring clothes, some food and maybe a toothbrush. Normally, van Lars is quite popular and the calendar fills rapidly. So avoid disappointment and make your reservation now.

Essential information:


   Pick-up from Amsterdam, Prins Hendrikkade 123, 3pm (unless otherwise agreed)

   Return to same place, 11am (unless otherwise agreed)

   Manual gearing, stick shift

   8 seats, 2 seatbelts

   Included are 200 kilometers per day. Driving more is fine and will be charged at €0,10 per km as a contribution for proper maintenance.


    Driving abroad: yes, throughout all of Europe

    Festivals: yes

    Pets: don’t ask, don’t tell.

    Heating: wood stove

    Built-in toilet: yes

    Shower: outside

    Smoking: no

    Tow bar: yes, max. 2800kg

    Airconditioning: no

    Amsterdam Environmental Zone: yes



More information:

Beds and bedding

Van Lars sleeps up to 5 people: 2 in the upper beds, 3 fit cosily on the queen sized bed.

The table and both benches easily convert into the queen sized bed, which is sized 200 cm * 170 cm (or some 6’6” by 5’6”). The upper beds can sleep one adult each and are sized 200 cm * 55 cm (or some 6’6” by 1’10”).

Up to five sleeping bags and pillows are included, as well as towels and tea towels.

Bathroom and shower

The on board bathroom has a chemical toilet. This does the job. In the kitchen area is a sink with the water tap. As a shower you may want to use the outside one. It is a plastic bag which filled with warm water and hung from the rear door or a tree can shower two people. Many have opted for camp sites with full amenities. I can recommend camp grounds to go to.

Vehicle details

Van Lars is a Mercedes Sprinter 312D. With 95kW it’s powerful enough for mountains or motorways. It is manually geared and burns diesel. Length is 650cm, width 200cm, heigth 305cm.

Heating and ventilation

Whenever you feel cold or hungry you may kindle a fire and van Lars warms up quickly. When it’s warm while driving the roof top window does an excellent job: it draws extra air through the dashboard and front windows throughout the van and keeps the inside climate comfortable.


camper Lars



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