Van Monique

What creates better holiday memories or more freedom than van Monique?

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Van Monique is just what you need for stress free perfect holidays, because everything you need is on board and with the powerful Mercedes engine you can drive to all of Europe. Who wouldn’t like to wake up in the midst of forests or at sea shores, or camp on walking distance from city centres? With this complete campervan you can always easily leave or stay over at any place you like.

Monique was the first campervan I created and she was a work of passion and love. The stylish furniture makes staying inside a happy experience and opening both sliding doors connects you with the outside.

All you need to bring yourself is a toothbrush, some clothes and food. Cooking is made easy with gas hobs and a gas oven, and also a barbecue. The kitchen has a fridge, sharp knifes and all utensils. Bedding consists of sleeping bags and pillows. The 230V and USB sockets serve all your devices and the WiFi amplifier ensures any signal is strong enough.

Driving the van is like driving a normal passenger car. Moreover, insurance covers everything.

For additional convenience I am happy to recommend a tour of Amsterdam, the Netherlands or Europe: please ask for directions in line with your interests.

I can’t think of anything easier for my holidays than van Monique.

Like all my campervans, Monique is one of a kind.

Essential information:

   All seasons: prepared for both winters and summers Monique has a thick pack of insulation and two airconditioners.

   Suits tall people: extra headroom.

   Sleeps 3 or 4: the sofa is easily converted into the XL bed (205 cm * 170 cm or some 6’8” by 5’7”) which sleeps two or sometimes three persons. Children or short adults can sleep another bed over both front seats (sized 170 cm * 55 cm or some 5’7” by 22”).

   Airconditioning while driving

   Diesel powered heaters

  Automatic gear

   Mercedes diesel 130 hp powerful enough for motorways and mountains


More information:

Beds and bedding

Van Monique is ready to go, because bedding is included. Please tell me with how many people you are going to be and I will include that number of sleeping bags. Pillows, towels and tea towels are also included.

Bathroom and shower

On board is a small chemical toilet. As you can see in the photos, some people prefer to use the space as a cabinet, others rather have the bathroom. The outside shower can be solar heated, which takes a bit more time than filling it with warm water from the kettle. Hung from the roof or a tree, its capacity is enough for two people to shower.

Vehicle details

Monique is a Mercedes Sprinter. The former ambulance has an extra tall roof which brings outside dimensions to a height of 305 cm, a width of 200 cm and a length of 620 cm. With the powerful Mercedes diesel engine of 127 horsepower it easily deals with mountains and motorways. Automatic gearing makes everything even easier.

Heating and cooling

Monique is equipped with two heaters, two airconditioners and a roof top fan. The airconditioners and the fan provide for plenty of cooling capacity while driving. When standing, the natural ventilation of open doors and windows along with the pretty good insulation does the job.

Both heaters are diesel powered and can be just turned on when you like it, or they can be managed with a clock and thermostat. So you may program the times when you expect to return and when you are going to wake up to always have the van warm when you need it.



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