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Are you planning a holiday in the Netherlands or Europe? As well as bringing you the nicest campervans the Netherlands has to offer, I can put together a short introduction to what you can expect from a trip here.

Having lived in the Netherlands and spent most of my journeys in Europe, I am happy to give you directions along with your preferences. General directions can be found anywhere, so please tell me what cities or regions you are going to discover and what you would like to do.

People have enjoyed romantic highlights in Amsterdam, tourist attractions throughout the Netherlands, the best beaches of Europe: feel free to ask.

Examples of trips you can also enjoy:

Recommended to a German man coming over with his Italian lady:

“Perhaps the most romantic typically Amsterdam thing to do is an evening canal cruise. Some of the boats look stunning and sail you with few others. The point is to be close together, look around and be entertained by either the city or each other.

World class performances are heard in the Concertgebouw, where the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra resides but also many others play. On the RCO website you can find the programmes and make your reservations. Personally, I am not really into clubs and bars. If you want to know these, I can ask a knowledgable friend.

Dutch master painters of all ages are found in the Rijksmuseum. It is always crowded, but with an eticket to avoid the queues and an audio tour to bring some focus you can have an enjoyable time. Way more relaxed and also with excellent material is the Rembrandthuis.

When the Amsterdam citizens are done with the busy city, they may walk the beach. It’s some half an hour driving to Zandvoort. There one can smell the sea, feel the wind and again hold hands for hours. We normally first walk towards the wind and return with a tailwind. Then it’s time for a big cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream.

Hope these tips help you to stir the Italian heart.”


Recommended to 6 adult Vietnamese travelling from Leeuwarden to Amsterdam:

Sure. Between Leeuwarden and Amsterdam you could visit a couple of great sites related to life below sea level.

Schokland is a UNESCO world heritage site. This island lost its battle against the sea and was evacuated in the 19th century, now it is in a polder: the Dutch overcame the sea.

Afsluitdijk Monument is a nice short stop by for the 1932 closure of a full middle sea.

Museum Nieuw Land (New Land) in Lelystad tells about creation of polders and the manmade land of former sea. It is 3 m below sea level there.

You may also like scenic historic cities like Sloten or Hindelopen, both tiny and proud. It is just a small detour.

For Amsterdam, I could give more ideas.

Hope this is helpful.


What road trip would you like?

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